Auburn P-20A 3GHz RF PROBE ( P20A )

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Auburn Technology P-20A 3Ghz RF Probe sold by Howard Electronics

Auburn Technology P-20A RF Probe is a High frequency RF measurements with your Spectrum Analyzer or Service Monitor have become very easy and inexpensive with the RF Probe from Auburn Technology. Compare to any other RF Probe on the market and you will choose the P-20A for Durability, Ease of use, Light Loading to circuit under test, and Low Distortion

Auburn P-20A 3GHz RF PROBE ( P20A )

P-20A Auburn Technologies RF Probe Includes replacement tips P20AX, P20AS, and P20AL

Auburn Technologies 3Ghz RF Probe

Low Distortion, Passive RF Design Internal DC Block
Light RF Loading Characteristics Interchangeable Ground Clips
10:1 Voltage Ratio (20db Attenuation) When Probing 50 ohm RF Circuits Center Pin Extender
Bandwidth: 100 KHz to 3GHz. Users Guide
Made in America (Designed by an Engineer from IFR Systems) Designed for Durability and high performance

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