Xytronic LF-2000U Soldering Station with Hot Tweezers

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LF-2000U Xytronic Soldering Station with Hot Tweezers

Xytronic LF-2000U Lead-Free Soldering Station with hot tweezers and microcomputer control designs was developed to meet the present and future lead-free soldering needs of the electronic production industry and suitable for work on professional SMD electronics.

LF-2000U Xytronic Soldering Station with Hot Tweezers

The Xytronic LF-2000U high quality sensor and heat transfer technology ensure precise temperature regulation is essential for making consistent, reliable soldered connections. The aluminum alloy housing has the advantages of strong structure, good heat sink and effectively resistant of electro-magnetic interference. It provides all the benefits of temperature regulation and connects via a highly flexible burn-resistant lead, and can be easily adjusted in temperature.

The LF-2000U soldering station with hot tweezers incorporates electronic circuitry which enables the user to alter tip temperature from 200 to 450℃ (392-842℉) without changing tips or heating elements. Also, with bigger size digital display readout and pressing keys on the front panel get clear vision and comfortable setting. The LF-2000U temperature is maintained within +/-3℃ (+/- 6℉) of its operating temperature by a thermocouple sensor placed in the head of the heating element, allowing the tip to rest against the sensor. The 100W high power results in both a rapid heat-up and super fast recovery.

LF-2000U Xytronic Soldering Station with Hot Tweezers

The Xytronic LF-2000U revolutionary "Zero Voltage" electronic switching design of the soldering station also protects voltage and current sensitive components (CMOS devices. etc.) against damaging current and transient voltage spikes commonly produced by less efficient, mechanically switched stations. The LF-2000U power unit is isolated from the A.C. line by a transformer and allows only 32Vac to drive the heating elements of the soldering iron and hot tweezers. The temperature "Lock-out" feature by "password" is convenient for production management. The many features of the product make it the ideal tool for service and repair technicians as well as production line soldering operations. This unit is developed to meet the present and future lead-free soldering needs of the electronic production industry and is ideal for use at any AC outlet.

Engineered to meet the demanding needs of the hobbyist, service & repair technician as well as production people alike, the LF-2000U is not only a leader in its field, but represents outstanding value in the market.

  • HEATER/SENSOR FAILED DETECTION: If sensor circuit failed that the display read "S--E" and cut off the heater power. If heater circuit failed the display read "H--E" and cut off the sensor power.
  • TEMPERATURE "LOCK-OUT" FEATURE: The temperature can be locked by "password" code that is convenient for production line management.
  • ISOLATED IRON HOLDER WITH TIP CLEANER: Made of low abrasive brass shavings instead of conventional sponges to meet RoHS requirement cleans better and no water is necessary.
  • Password lock: Convenient for control
  • Auto sleep: Save power and the life of tip
  • Wake up method: Pick up the solder wand
  • Auto close: The station will shut down after 40 min of being in the sleep mode
  • Minitype station: Less desktop occupation
  • Alloy aluminum shell: Block electromagnetic interfere high strength configuration and less heat accumulation
  • Real-temp modification: Real temperature can modify
  • Hi-power heater: Temperature climbs fast, favored by lead free soldering
  • Build-up grounding: Can link up ESD wrist strap
  • Quick change of tips: Pull out tips while hot with teflon pad. Heater and sensor is built into the tip
  • Optional SMD Tweezers: The additional feature is specially designed for SMD chips, SOT, Flat pack ICs' etc. reworking. TWZ120 Tweezers is equipped with 32V/60W* 2 heaters which can be interchangeable with solder wand as an option
  • Xytronic type LF-2000U (soldering station) 307K (iron) 44-510601 (Standard Tip), Hot Tweezers with two tips and stand for hot tweezers.
Input 100 - 120 AC,
Output 32V AC,100W
Temperature range 200 to 450°C (392 to 842°F)
Dimensions (PSU) 111 x 158 x 137mm
Weight (PSU) 2.5kg

Xytronic LF-2000U Soldering Station with Hot Tweezers.

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LF-2000U Manual (LF-2000(_U)_MANUEL-REVISED_20141031.pdf, 397 Kb) [Download]