Xytronic LF-2000 Intelligent Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

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The Xytronic LF-2000 Lead-Free Soldering Station is designed to handle your most challenging rework & repair jobs and is the best solution for all your soldering/desoldering equipment needs especially for the lead free applications!

Xytronic LF-2000 Lead-Free Soldering Station

The Xytronic LF-2000 Lead-Free Soldering Station high-quality soldering station has been manufactured to perform numerous tasks, while its careful design allows a number of excellent detailed features, for instance, the interface allows the control panel's angle can conform to humanism, while the huge NUMs and buttons are easy to read and set. On top of that, there is the multiplex fitting combination: provides many kinds of for the customer selects the disposition, enable the customer to obtain a more reasonable enhancement in the economic efficiency.

LF-2000 Xytronic Lead-Free Soldering Station

Engineered to meet the demanding needs of the hobbyist, service & repair technician as well as production people alike, the Xytronic LF-2000 Lead-Free Soldering Station is not only a leader in its field, but represents outstanding value in the market.

Xytronic LF-2000 Lead-Free Soldering Station Features

  • Password lock: Convenient for control
  • Auto sleep: Save power and the life of tip
  • Auto close: The station will shut down after 40 min without using
  • Minitype station: Less desktop occupation
  • Alloy aluminum shell: Block electromagnetic interfere high strength configuration and less heat cumulation
  • Real-temp modification: Real temperature can modify
  • Hi-power heater: Temperature climbs fast, favored by lead free soldering
  • Build-up grounding: Can link up ESD wrist strap
  • Xytronic type LF-2000 (station) 307K (iron) 44-510601 (Standard Tip)
Input 120 AC,
Output 32V AC, 90W
Temperature range 200 to 450°C (392 to 842°F)
Dimensions (PSU) 110 x 160 x 137mm
Weight (PSU) 2.5kg

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