Chip Quik Water-Soluble Tacky Flux 10cc Syringe w/plunger & tip

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Water-Soluble Tacky Flux 10cc syringe w/plunger & tip. Low viscosity.

Flux Type: Synthetic Water-Soluble (for Leaded and Lead-Free applications)
Flux Classification: REM0 (Residue must be water-washed at 60C+ after reflow)
Packaging: 10cc/10g Syringe

Shelf Life
Refrigerated >24 months, unrefrigerated >24 months

Stencil Life
>8 hours @ 20-50% RH 22-28C (72-82F)
>4 hours @ 50-70% RH 22-28C (72-82F)

Stencil Cleaning
Automated stencil cleaning systems for both stencil and misprinted boards. Manual cleaning using isopropyl alcohol (IPA).

Storage and Handling
Store refrigerated or at room temperature 3-25C (37-77F). Do not freeze. Allow 4 hours for flux to reach an operating temperature of 20-25C (68-77F) before use.

This product has no shipping restrictions. Shipping below 0C (32F) or above 25C (77F) for normal transit times by ground or air will not impact this product's stated shelf life.

Datasheet (WS991-DATA.pdf, 108 Kb) [Download]

MSDS (WS991-MSDS.pdf, 125 Kb) [Download]