JG1CCUSA Jensen Global Adapters for Pre-Filled 1cc Syringes

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Jensen Global JG1CCUSA Adapters sold by Howard Electronics

This 1cc custom adapter comes with 6 ft of 5/32 inch od air tubing, and quick connect male fitting that plugs into most dispensing controllers. It is designed to work with certain 1cc pre-filled frozen epoxy syringes. We can also custom design it to fit other 1cc syringes as needed. Dimensions of 1cc syringe to fit this adapter: ID: .216, OD: .311, length:2.6, Flange Width: .4 Flange Length: .675)

Red connect (pictured) for many dispensers on the market; White quick connect- For Jensen Global's JGD500T. Part number JG1CCUSA.

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