DEN-ON SC7000Z Portable Desoldering Gun

I personally Guarantee the DEN-ON SC7000Z to be the fastest, most efficient, most practical desoldering gun that an Electronics Technician could adorn his or her service bench. You simply cannot believe it until you try it.

Jerry Howard, CEO
Howard Electronic Instruments, Inc.

Check out the History of the DEN-ON SC7000Z Desoldering Tool.

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DEN-ON SC7000Z Portable Desoldering Gun sold by Howard Electronics

Comes with 1.0mm Standard Tip.

Den-On SC7000Z Desoldering Gun is the best totally self-contained transportable desoldering gun in the world. Den-On SC7000Z is a Powerful thru-hole Desoldering Gun and a functional Hot-Air-Tool for SMD Rework of QFP's and PLCC's (with the purchase of the SMD Kit.) The SMD Kit is specifically designed for blowing hot air with the SC-7000Z for removal of Surface Mount Devices of all Kinds. With the use of the wire and shim-blade holder, most SMD's can be easily reworked. Kit contains Hot Air Tip for Den-ON SC7000Z, clean filter for hot air only, wire and shim-blade holder and supplies, and case for containing pieces.

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DEN-ON SC7000Z Desoldering Gun Tool

  • Den-On SC7000Z has a Totally Self Contained diaphragm vacuum pump and AC motor for high vacuum suction or reversible hot air blow for SMD removal.
  • Den-On SC7000Z has a 100 Watt Ceramic heater with zero-crossover switching heater control circuit which prevents spikes and leakage currents.
  • Unique patented long lasting filter cartridge design. Solder builds up on easily cleaned baffle, while air flows around the outside of baffle.
  • Den-On SC7000Z is totally ESD Safe. The housing contains carbon and the tip is at ground potential for complete ESD protection.
  • Den-On SC7000Z Maximum vacuum of 650mmHg is attained in 0.1 seconds.
  • Den-On SC7000Z Temperature adjustable from 350 C - 500 C or 572 F - 932 F
  • Den-On SC7000Z Compact, light-weight unit is transportable and ready to use at any location.

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SC7000Z Den-On Desoldering Gun Tool Specifications

  • SC7000Z Voltage - AC100V, 120V, 230V, 50/60HZ
  • SC7000Z Power consumption - 120W
  • SC7000Z Pump - Diaphragm type
  • SC7000Z Motor output - 12W
  • SC7000Z Vacuum attained - 650mmHg
  • SC7000Z Time required to reach maximum vacuum - 0.1 seconds
  • SC7000Z Air flow rate - 15 liter/minute (open)
  • SC7000Z Heater - 100W (Ceramic)
  • SC7000Z Control system - Feed back zero cross over type
  • SC7000Z Temperature range - 350 C - 500 C
  • SC7000Z Insulation Resistance - More than 100M
  • SC7000Z Max. Temp. of Hot Blow - 400C
  • SC7000Z Net Weight - 420g - Less than one pound
  • 60 Day Money Back Total Satisfaction Guarantee
    One Year Parts / Labor Warranty performed in-house

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    Check out the History of the DEN-ON SC7000Z Desoldering Gun
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    ESD Safe:
    Max. Temp. of Hot Blow:
    Motor Output:
    Net Weight:
    0.87 lbs
    Part No.:
    Power Consumption:
    120 Watts
    Vendors :
    Den-On Instruments
    Available Voltage:
    120V@60Hz, or 230V@ 50Hz
    420g - Less than a pound
    Shipping Weight:
    4 lbs
    Power Cord:
    1.5m (3 core cable) ground plug
    Power Cord:
    1.5m (3 core cable) ground plug

    SC7000Z Manual (SC7000Manual.PDF, 181 Kb) [Download]

    Tips for your tips that won't leave you PLUGGED. (Tips_for_Tips.pdf, 37 Kb) [Download]

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