Xytronic LF-853D Multi-Function SMD Rework Station

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Xytronic LF-853D Multi-Function SMD Rework Station with 426DLX Fume Extractor

Xytronic LF-853D Multi function rework system. Soldering, Desoldering and Hot air system. Specializing in lead free soldering/desoldering and surface mount devices with temperature controlled hot air. Tools can be used simultaneously.

Xytronic LF-853D Rework Station Key Features:

• Heater/Sensor Failed Detection: If the sensor circuit fails, the heater power is shut down.
• Energy Saver Mode: If the stations is left idle for 20 minutes, the energy saver feature will automatically engage, resetting the temperature to 150 deg. celsius from the previous setting.
• Temperature "Lock-Out" Feature: The temperature can be locked with a password code.
• ESD Safe and Spike Free Circuitry: The "Zero Voltage" electronic switching design protects voltage and current sensitive components (CMOS devices, etc) against damaging current and transient voltage spikes commonly produced by less efficient, mechanically switched stations.
• Delayed Suction: To eliminate the problem of solder clogging up the tip, a delayed switch feature has been incorporated for the unit that allows the pump to continue sucking for 1.5 seconds after the actuator switch is released.

Xytronic LF-853D Rework Station Ships With:

Soldering Iron 307K Pre-Loaded With Standard Tip 44-510601
Desoldering DIA100 Iron Per-Loaded With Standard Tip 44-915412
• Hot Air Wand With 4 Nozzles
• A/C Power Cord
• 2 Iron Holders With Tip Cleaners
• Hot Air Wand Holder
• Maintenance Kit
• 468ESD Fume Extractor
• Manual

Replacement Heating Element for Hot Air Wand 79-460012

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LF853D Manual (LF853D_Manual.pdf, 647 Kb) [Download]